About us

Team BUInvent is a group of individuals dedicated to bringing ideas together and advancing them into innovative projects geared towards changing the world. Whether it's an LED Light show or a GameCube BirdHouse. The Club started in the Spring of 2015 with an idea. The idea to turn hot tubs into mobile vehicles that could transport students from one side of campus to the other. This idea transformed our former primitive ways of thinking. We realized that the world was not just given to us. We were born into existence with Airplanes, iPhones, light bulbs, and other crazy devices that we thought were always there. But that is clearly not the case. The Wright brothers invented the airplane. Steve Jobs invented the iPhone. And Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. These things weren't always there. We picked up that WE (yes we) can also change things. What if a dog could talk? What if a tree could bark? What if!? Needless to say, team BUInvent was born.

Informational Video