BU ScoreBoard (IoT ScoreBoard)

The BU ScoreBoard is an internet connected scoreboard that displays real time scores of a user selected sports game.


Have you ever watched a football game at home and wished you had the score displayed on an actual scoreboard to go along with it? Probably not! But we made one anyways! Just use the BUScore App on your Android device to select any NHL, NFL, NBA, or MLB game and get up to the minute scores posted instantly! The scoreboard will continue to pull the scores throughout the game.

The BU ScoreBoard consists of three major parts:

  • An Android app that allows the user to select a sports game

  • A WiFi module that can grab the scores from the selected game

  • An Arduino that can post the scores to the seven segment displays


The BUScore App gives the user the ability to select any NFL, NBA, NHL, or MLB game for the current date. The first screen asks for the league of the game they want displayed:


The app then grabs all of the matchups for the current date from the sports API (MySportsFeeds). The user can then select the game they want displayed:

The app then sends the selected game to the particle photon and informs the user that the matchup has been set:

WiFi Module

The Particle Photon will then grab the game data from the sports API every ten seconds. The game data consists of the away score, home score, current period/quarter/inning, and the time remaining. It will send the scores to the Arduino Mega over serial.


The Arduino Mega will post these scores to the seven segment displays.


The frame of the scoreboard was designed and 3D printed. You can view the frame below:


The programming of this project was managed in a git superproject composed of 3 submodules. One for the app, one for the Particle Photon, and one for the Arduino Mega. Click here to view on GitHub.