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Before I begin this blog. I want to say Merry Christmas to everyone and take some time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. Did you know that Christmas isn’t about getting presents or Santa or snow? It’s about Jesus. luckily, 2,000 years ago God sent his one and only Son to die for our sins to give us a way to get to Him. Isn’t that a great truth? Out of everything I door accomplish as a software developer, nothing could be better than this.


Jurassic Gains Progress

Jurassic Gains. I have made a decent chunk of progress on this application. I have made it so that users can login and their workouts will actually be uploaded to the cloud. This was a lot of work. I had to use the NoSQL database that Firebase Firestore gives you to create my database. The Application creates a new document when a user opens the application the first time. It updates any changes the user makes to the cloud in realtime. There is still a lot that needs to get done though. I need to make it so that it displays the previous stats on your exercise. I need to fix some other small bugs. I need to clean up a lot of the code. However, the biggest thing I need to do, is create an activity that allows users to create their own workouts. I would make it so that the user could set however many weeks, whatever workouts, and however many sets for each workout (All would have limits). Users would also have a button to add another week or add another workout to their routine. This would all be uploaded to the database. This would be great. But it’s nothing that hasn’t been done before.


The Future of Jurassic Gains

I believe that if I want to turn this into a revolutionary product, there needs to be more than what was described above. There needs to be something that people haven’t seen before. As I stated last week, my idea is to add a functionality that allows users to have groups. Groups will have a master user (like a sports coach or a personal trainer) that can create exercise routines and allow players/trainees to input their progress each week. The Master User can then track his players and see their progress. However, what I am now realizing, is that this can’t be platform specific. I don’t think I can constrain users to just Android. It needs to be available in web, Android, and iOS. I would be happy with those three. How can this be done? I used to be opposed to the idea of cross platform applications. Applications that work on multiple platforms. I thought that if I wanted it to be on multiple platforms, I would make it natively on each platform. However, I am realizing that cross platform applications might not be so bad after all. From what I understand about React Native, It actually has decent reviews. The main disadvantage to making applications on React Native is that it’s harder to get access to all of the platforms functions (like camera, gps, etc.). I don’t believe I would need to do that with Jurassic Gains. I would like to look into this more because I still feel like I don’t have a great understanding of it.

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