The Finish Line for Jurassic Gains and Fullstack Academy

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Good news!!! I have completely finished Jurassic Gains!!! Users can now login to their accounts (Google or email), customize their own routine and save everything to the cloud!!! Users can develop a new routine too if they so choose to. Here are some visuals for the app:

To be real, I’m happy with how everything turned out. Evidently, since my last blog, it wasn’t too difficult to create the logic of customizing a routine. So far, I have not seen any bugs or anything. I have gotten to a point that I am really happy with with the app. I feel like this was a great experience and proves that I can go out there and create those things that I always wondered how they were made. I feel confident in building my own stuff and I don’t feel like I need to wonder how a smartphone app is made amymore. I can just go out and do it. Unfortunately, I had trouble uploading the app to the Google Play Store this morning. I am getting the error:

Upload failed
The icon inside your APK or Android App Bundle is not valid.

I am not sure why I am getting this error. Stack Overflow tells me that it is a problem on Google’s side and I should just wait a few hours. But I just tried again and I got the same error. I am thinking it might be because the icon I have now is different than the original. I promise you, I will get the app out there soon.


Fullstack Academy Final Project

Another thing I have been working on lately is my capstone project for Fullstack Academy. We are working on an all in one messaging application that includes all of your favorite messaging apps. Messaging apps such as Slack, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, and WhatsApp. The app will allow you to drag and drop your favorite contacts into a channel and then send them all messages at once. You can also see all of your messages from those specific contacts. Everything is being done in React Native. We have only just begun. I am currently tasked with getting things to work with OAuth. Allowing people to login and providing them with a way to send and receive messages through the Slack OAuth API. So far I have made a simple web page with react that allows users to login (but not to their username) and click a button that posts a message to the channel. I still need to make it so users can actually sign in with their username and send messages, along with receiving messages. I will then need to migrate everything over to the React Native repository that we are all working on. Only three more weeks left!!! And then it’s off to finding a job!!!

Lessons Learned for Job Hunting

Fullstack Academy has taught me a lot of lessons in regards to interviewing and finding a job. One lesson I learned for solving a coding problem (typically asked as an interview question) is REACTO:

  • Repeat
  • Example
  • Approach
  • Code
  • Test
  • Optimize

Those are the steps to take when solving a coding problem. Repeat the question (just to clarify that you understand what the interviewer is asking). Come up with some examples for what you would expect to have as an output given specific inputs. Explain how you plan to approach the problem. Code the approach you came up with. Test your code. Lastly, optimize your solution. I also learned what an agile working environment actually means. You basically cut your entire project into smaller steps as opposed to doing the entire project over one process. This allows for your project to adapt and change. Here is a picture that can explain it:
Agile or Waterfall? Choose the Right Approach to Your ...

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